Monday, March 12, 2012

Prevent Defacement of Namma Metro

Namma Metro,

Respected Sir,

At the outset, let me congratulate you and your team on the really excellent conceptualization and implementation of the Namma Metro. Please however permit me to also bring your attention to an issue that I have been very concerned about lately, and I'm sure my concern is shared by many like-minded denizens of Bengaluru.

It really angers and saddens me to see the Columns and other structures of Namma Metro being already defaced by Posters, just months after the inauguration. I shudder to think how the situation will be in a few years from now. This not only makes the pride of our city look shabby and unkempt, but is also a poor reflection of the pride we have in ourselves as Bengalurians. The persons who think it is okay to abuse the structures in this manner are showing a complete disrespect to each and every citizen by doing so. I am sure you will agree with me that it is not correct to allow some callous and unthinking louts to deface our pride, as this is an insult on every person who wants the Metro to look perfect and remain that way forever. I believe that urgent and strict measures need be taken to prevent the abuse of Namma Metro by the sticking of posters by a selfish few. The persons who have issued / commissioned these posters are easily identifiable as the posters themselves carry contact details or venue details.

I beg you to lobby with the Government on behalf of every right-thinking citizen, to promulgate a law that is a stringent deterrent to people who deface Namma Metro properties. The fines must be stiff and exemplary and should be payable for each poster applied. A fine of Rs. 1,000 per poster is not out of place in my opinion. In the event that such a law already exists, it needs to be applied uniformly without fear or favor and also made sufficiently stringent. I'm sure that people who issue the posters just do not take care to instruct their workers to avoid defacement of public structures, and the law needs to ensure that they shoulder the responsibility or face the consequences.

I have had the privilege of traveling to several countries all over the world, and I note with a lot of angst that such a defacement of a city's showpiece for cheap publicity happens only in our city. One has to agree that a problem with graffiti exists in the west, but that is more of an expression of anti-establishment symbolism by the youth, and not a means of getting free publicity at the cost of the public at large. I have to say that Namma Metro is really a world class product and we need to make every effort to keep it so. One suggestion is to provide approved designated Poster Sites like the London Underground has done, which the poster issuers can take permission and use to display their messages.

I hope and pray that you will be able to get a suitable law promulgated at the earliest, and curb the growing menace of the poster stickers. My best wishes are with you. As an indication of how Manna Metro could look in a couple of years can be gauged from the current condition of the once very beautiful Mysore Road Flyover. Please do not allow this to happen to Namma Metro too.

Thanks & Regards,

Hemanth Sharma

Just to put it on record that Namma Metro responded to the above.

From: Travel Help []
Subject: FW: Prevent Defacement of Namma Metro
Dear Sir,

We thank you for your constructive suggestion on Namma Metro.

Also, we have notified the concerned department on your valuable suggestions. Shall keep you updated on the proceedings.


Namma Metro Help Desk

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